Technology as a Medium to Dare

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apple ceo

It all started from the brave and emotional acceptance of being gay from Tim Cook, the Apple CEO. Of course, this expression is not that happened with Tim; technocrat like- Cathy Brookes, Steve Demeter, etc. belong to LGBT community, but Cook’s boldness certainly energizes this community taking heart for their rights. Get the news within a moment Tell me, how … Read More

Sandeep MundraTechnology as a Medium to Dare

This Diwali, let’s celebrate togetherness

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This Diwali, let’s celebrate togetherness

“Those who are at home with their kith and kin celebrate Diwali with the maximal pleasure,” – This is neither a philosophical line nor a scientific fact, but it is the reality of the all the time. If you like to know ‘why is it so?’ Then read further. The gadgets for communication bring ‘COMMUNICATION-GAP’! It sounds strange, but it … Read More

Sandeep MundraThis Diwali, let’s celebrate togetherness

You missed it, Flipkart!

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Flipkart Fiasco- Flipkart got many nicknames! The story that began on October 6 at 8 am got an interval in just 5 minutes, and it finally completes on October 8 with apologies of an eCommerce giant –Flipkart! The company got many nicknames andit could not win the trust of people. Customers got mail instead of product On the next day, … Read More

Sandeep MundraYou missed it, Flipkart!

Connect’em All and Build an Efficient World for the Future

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Internet of Things

Imagine a world that runs smoothly without any hiccoughs. Sounds impossible right, well, maybe, we could get a step closer to this utopia. I’m talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is essentially a system where the mobile, your home and embedded applications are connected through the internet. These devices and systems improve computing capabilities by using data … Read More

Sandeep MundraConnect’em All and Build an Efficient World for the Future

Enterprise mobility: Yet to Reach its Pinnacle

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Enterprise Mobility

Businesses continue to evolve and improve with changing times. Today, it’s more important to be present at the line of business to directly deal with issues at hand rather than be at your desk at office. Flexible working arrangements have been proved to show better productivity and in turn, better returns. Enterprise mobility solutions were the outcome of these trends, … Read More

Sandeep MundraEnterprise mobility: Yet to Reach its Pinnacle

Buddhism in The Corporate Scenario

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Lord Buddha

Buddhism is probably the only religion that is not bound by culture. It focuses on giving back to the society and co-existing with nature. It does not question the existence of the universe; rather it helps to attain harmony with the universe. That is exactly why you can find Indian Buddhists, American Buddhists, Thai Buddhists and even French Buddhists. Buddhism … Read More

Sandeep MundraBuddhism in The Corporate Scenario