My Birthday Celebration Moments

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Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my family, friends and IndiaNICians. All of you have multiplied my joy by taking part in celebration. I would like to thank all of you for giving me a special ‘Birthday Gift’ in form of your love and wishes. You have made my birthday joyous and memorable!

Sandeep MundraMy Birthday Celebration Moments

10 Cool Proofs And You’ll Believe That IT Is In Cricket

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IT and Cricket

Whenever I play cricket or work at my desk in the office, I feel that there is a kind of strong bonding between cricket and IT industry. That’s why I tried to put it on paper and here is what came out. I feel some of them are so close and some are resemblances. Reading them all, lemme know do … Read More

Sandeep Mundra10 Cool Proofs And You’ll Believe That IT Is In Cricket

10 Valentine Ideas for Your Techno-geek Beloved

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Hey folks, Valentine’s Day is approaching us and I know that all of you are busy thinking about romantic valentine activities for your loved ones. As a tech lover, my mind always hovers around technology area, and, therefore, I present to you some of the geeky ideas if your beloved is a techie. And even if she is not techno-geek, … Read More

Sandeep Mundra10 Valentine Ideas for Your Techno-geek Beloved

All I see is-CHANGE

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Whether or not we want, we witness a drastic change in every aspect of our lives. Yes, change is the ‘only constant thing’ in this universe. But, it takes decades of years, and thousands of events. How about combining our glorious past with magnificent present in terms of change in our routine life? It’s really fun and informative! Let’s start … Read More

Sandeep MundraAll I see is-CHANGE

30 Leadership Qualities We Can Learn From Cricket

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As the World-Cup 2015 is just approaching us, let’s try to understand the management mantras this sport has in it. You need to read between the lines. 1. Good job, guys: Think, how many times you have appreciated teammates? Do it and see the graph of efficiency of employees touches the new heights! 2. GANDHIsm – great, DHONIsm- added advantage: … Read More

Sandeep Mundra30 Leadership Qualities We Can Learn From Cricket

Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015

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farewell 2014

With numerous events from cyber espionage, security breaches to the launch of some extraordinary gadgets in the technology field, year 2014 comes to an end. As we wait for 2015 with new hopes and expectations, it is interesting to review the events of the year 2014 that have an impact on our present and are capable of changing our way … Read More

Sandeep MundraFarewell 2014, Welcome 2015

Technology as a Medium to Dare

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apple ceo

It all started from the brave and emotional acceptance of being gay from Tim Cook, the Apple CEO. Of course, this expression is not that happened with Tim; technocrat like- Cathy Brookes, Steve Demeter, etc. belong to LGBT community, but Cook’s boldness certainly energizes this community taking heart for their rights. Get the news within a moment Tell me, how … Read More

Sandeep MundraTechnology as a Medium to Dare

This Diwali, let’s celebrate togetherness

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This Diwali, let’s celebrate togetherness

“Those who are at home with their kith and kin celebrate Diwali with the maximal pleasure,” – This is neither a philosophical line nor a scientific fact, but it is the reality of the all the time. If you like to know ‘why is it so?’ Then read further. The gadgets for communication bring ‘COMMUNICATION-GAP’! It sounds strange, but it … Read More

Sandeep MundraThis Diwali, let’s celebrate togetherness

You missed it, Flipkart!

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Flipkart Fiasco- Flipkart got many nicknames! The story that began on October 6 at 8 am got an interval in just 5 minutes, and it finally completes on October 8 with apologies of an eCommerce giant –Flipkart! The company got many nicknames andit could not win the trust of people. Customers got mail instead of product On the next day, … Read More

Sandeep MundraYou missed it, Flipkart!